Firmino Hands Contract Renewal

Firmino Hands Contract Renewal

Liverpool’s front-linard Roberto Firmino has declared himself ready to play long-term at Anfield

Since being brought in from Hoffenheim in 2015, Firmino really made an outstanding contribution and provided fresh air for the team’s front line. Recorded from 101 games, he scored 27 goals. And now with the presence of players from Brazil is successful in making the squad of the Reds into which one is taken into account this season.

Proven 26-year-old player was able to bring the Merseyside club advanced to two final parties such as League Cup and Europa League. Although it failed but last season Firmino managed to help his team finish the Premier League competition in the ranking of the four which makes them this summer play in the Champions League.

Although now Liverpool is in the sharp spot because his performance is very bad especially when survived, but fellow countryman Philippe Coutinho was willing to return to extend his long-term work.

“It’s great for me, ever since I received a proposal to come to Liverpool I’m very happy,” Roberto Firmino told the club’s official website.

“I never thought twice to come to Liverpool. I am very happy here in Liverpool. This is a very good club. At a very high level this is a great club. I’m happy to play here and I’m happy to play here and I’m just happy to have just reached my 100th game.

“I hope to reach 100 more matches for Liverpool. and can achieve a lot of something good here. Where as winning as many trophies as possible and can achieve a success.

“I am quite satisfied because I am a person who demands a lot from myself. I always want something more and nothing is ever perfect for me this is good but it could be better. That’s always my choice as always to want more. “

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