Coutinho Beber Cause Liverpool Dipstered Spurs

Coutinho Beber Cause Liverpool Dipstered Spurs

Philippe Coutinho revealed the cause of Liverpool lost a landslide 1-4 from Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League continued at Wembley Stadium on Sunday (22/10/2017). According to this Brazilian midfielder, players do not heed the warning Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp.

He said Liverpool could avoid conceding four goals if they obeyed Klopp’s warning. Harry Kane scored twice, while two other goals scored Heung-Min Son and Dele Alli.

“The goals should have been avoided, they went wide and we finally conceded a goal that the manager had talked about before,” Coutinho said as quoted by soccerway.

“We talked a lot about this, we conceded a lot of goals like this, and when we attacked we were unable to score in order to reverse the situation, we were good in the first half, but conceding a goal made things worse.

Liverpool have conceded 15 goals when away games away. This is the worst record in the Premier League so far, even three times more than the team caretaker, Crystal Palace.

“This is not a pure mistake from the defenders but the whole team, the first goal came as we all survived, not just the defenders,” Coutinho said.

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